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Little Black Buddha - 
Project Management & Operations

Who Are We?

At Little Black Buddha, we're all about boosting efficiency and building teams. Our Project Management and team development services help businesses reduce costs, increase profits, and achieve peak performance. With years of experience and a tireless approach to improving our work, we're dedicated to keeping our clients ahead of the competition.

But we don't just stop at business success. Our coaching, programming, and workshops help individuals discover their strengths and unleash their inner superpowers. 

Transform your team's dynamic and boost productivity with LittleBlackBuddha's proven methods. Our expert coaches will guide you in building stronger relationships, enhancing communication, and achieving your goals together.

Partner with Little Black Buddha today and unleash the potential of team building, development, efficiency, and self-discovery. Experience the power of collaborative growth today!

A Problem Solving Spirit

Serving Multiple Industries

A Peaceful Partnership

Education Tech

Mental Health


Business Meeting

Services Offered

A Wise Duo

Project Management & Operations 

Setting Up Systems

  • Finding Opportunities for Improved Efficiency

  • Systemize Existing Business Practices

  • Product Schedule & Management 

Professional & Team Development

  • Training & Facilitation

  • Career Development

  • Career Counseling

  • Career Mapping

  • CliftonStrengths Teams

  • Leadership & Strengths Coaching

Words From the Heart

Client Testimonials

Careal Bayo Logo Transparent.png

Connect with Our Partner

Careal Bayo Inc.

Careal Bayo Inc. is a company that runs a career readiness and prep program for adolescents. The program walks students through a self-paced program that helps students learn more about their strengths and develop marketable and usable skills.

Our goal at Little Black Buddha is to see companies succeed and continue their investment in our society. When companies find the harmonies needed to ensure strong work environments, timely efficiency, and sustainability, that brings us peace. Our commitment is to the client and their long-term future.

Ahlia Kitwana
-CEO, Little Black Buddha LLC

Ahlia Kitwana

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